New Grass Fed Beef Program

Introducing our new GrassFed Beef Program!

Traditionally, all of Bloom’s products are sourced from Grain/Corn fed beef out of the mid-West, USA. Bloom’s primarily carries US Choice corn fed beef because of the flavour and the marbling of fat. We think he marbling, flavour and tenderness, are the best (and our customers over the years have seem to agree).

Because of the lifestyle and the diet of the animal, the meat and the fats of grassfedbeef are slightly different.

Because of these differences, some customers do not like grassfed beef when they have traditionally purchased corn/grain-fed. Others, on the other hand, love grassfed. Different strokes for different folks. Whether you prefer grain or grassfed, we want you to be happy with your steaks from Blooms. Try a steak or two, but understand that there are differences between the two.

We receive a lot of requests from our customers for a Grassfed option, which is why we’ve spent over a year sourcing the best grassfed product we can find. This beef is from Australia and is properly aged to advance its texture and flavour, just as with our normal steak programs. It’s one of the best grassfed programs and we are excited to introduce it.
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Currently, the grassfed products we have available are:

  • Beef Ribeye Steaks – ¾ inch thick
  • Beef Culottes/Cap of Rump/Picanha – Great on the grill or cut into steaks!
  • Ground Beef – 85% lean and 93% lean – 1 pound packs
  • Ground Lamb – 85% lean