Local All-Natural Chicken!

Blooms is working on a new project that will help promote the local production of food to help us rely a little less on imported products. In addition, we are hoping to provide a BETTER product at a lower price, by avoiding the high import duties. We are looking for farmers (large or small) in Trinidad that are interested in raising all-natural chickens for us. If you are someone (or know someone) that may be able to help, please watch. Farming partners will be asked to abide by a series of guidelines for the production of this chicken and those guidelines will be verified on a regular basis. We will be able to advise the farmer in the setup of their farm and possibly make ourselves available to assist financially. In exchange, Blooms will provide a guaranteed purchase order for your chickens on a weekly basis. We are the market for the chickens, we are just looking for the supply.

There is so much chatter in the news today about developing and diversifying the Trinidad economy away from oil. We also all know that we need to rely less on foreign imports, especially when it comes to food. Here is an initiative that kills two birds with one stone (no pun intended). There is no reason that all-natural (or even organic) chicken cannot be produced here in Trinidad. We have plenty of farmland, access to raw materials and a climate that is perfect for farming. Help us stop TALKING about changing the way we do things and start DOING something about it.