Butter – Salted or UnSalted – 1lb packs


Households, chefs and bakers love our butter. Butter in the large groceries has skyrocketed in price lately, so we’ve been working to find an alternative to save our customers money. Our USDA butter is currently $38TT per pound (Butter in the grocery is coming up to around $56 to $60TT per pound!) Our butter is made from at least 80% real butter fat and is sold in 1-pound packs. We only carry salted for now, but we may include unsalted on our next shipment if enough people request (so let us know). Give it a try next time you are in the store!

If you own a commercial operation and you require bulk orders, please let us know. Pricing on the 1lb packs is the same ($38TT/LB), but we would need to increase poundage accordingly.