Pectin Powder

Each order is roughly 1 pound

Sold per KG



Prepare and preserve your signature jams, jellies, marmalades, and fruit preserves with this all natural pectin! A kitchen staple in canning, pectin has been commonly used for over a century, ensuring gelling and thickening for a perfect consistency. Powder pectin preserves the true flavors of your time-honored recipes, adding no additional flavors or odors, and gives them the jelly-like texture your customers have come to love.

Pectin, like this, is a complex carbohydrate that is found in and around the cell walls of plants. It helps to bind those cells together while working to regulate the flow of water in between the cells. This powder is a high-ester, rapid set fruit pectin that has been extracted from citrus peels and reacts with the sugars and the fruit’s own acid to cause the jelling effect it is known for. 

As common with other fruit pectin, dextrose and citric acid are added to adjust the acidity and assist the gel effect in order to produce great results with jams, jellies, and other products with a high sugar content!