Put your Credit Card Back….to Win-A-Rack!

When you use your credit card to pay for goods/services at small businesses, Masterard/Visa/etc charge a fee to the store for processing the payment. Being able to use a credit card is a convenience that most stores like to provide their customers, and that of course, that comes at a cost. Here at Blooms, we made the decision a while ago to offer this service to our customers. A lot of customers preferred not to have to walk with cash, and we agree.

Unfortunately, we quickly realized that with every swipe we were paying this nasty little processing fee. We also have noticed that for most people, the decision to pay with a Credit Card OR with Linx/Cash, isn’t really that big of a decision. Most people don’t mind either way and just grab what they see first in their purse/wallet. If only there was a  way to let people know that we preferred to Linx/Cash payments over credit card, and with the money saved, give them something back……..

So, we came up with an idea! A chance to reward customers that pay with Linx or Cash and help us spread the word.

Here’s the deal:

With your next purchase, if you spend over $300TT and pay with either your Linx Card or Cash, you will be entered to win a FREE rack of Blooms Smokin Saturdays Smoked Ribs. Simply write your name and email on the back of your receipt (or a piece of paper) and drop it in our WIN-A-RACK box. Every Saturday, we will draw a name and that person will receive a free rack of smoked ribs on the following Saturday.









Hopefully, this will help us pay less in credit card processing fees, give back to our customers and keep our prices the lowest in Trinidad.

Don’t want to take your chances? Pre-order your Smokin’ Saturday Racks here.

Random Ribeye Steaks

By far one of the most popular products we have ever carried. The quality of the ribeye and the price of the product, make it a win-win product.

What are Random Ribeye Steaks?

Steak producers cut Certified Choice and Prime Ribeye steaks for high-end establishments every day. These restaurants demand the highest quality beef. They also need their cuts of steak to be perfectly shaped and have a consistent weight. Because of this, these steaks can be very expensive.

Unfortunately, when you cut a whole Rib Loin into steaks, you don’t always end up with a perfect amount of exactly 10 ounce steaks. You may get 18 steaks that are all 10 ounce, but then 1 steak that is 6 ounces.  So, there are usually a few steaks in the bunch that are not a perfect size or shape, and thus, cannot be sold as ‘perfect ribeye steaks’.  The company cutting the steaks is charging the hotels and restaurants plenty of money for their perfect steaks, so they are okay with accepting less than their cost on these ‘random-sized steaks’. It is the same ultra-premium meat, just not in standard/even cuts.

Over the past few years, we began traveling to meet with these producers and develop a way that they could pack these steaks and we could purchase them. We wanted smaller packs of steaks, so that customers could use 1 or 2 at a time, not an entire block of beef. And so, Random Ribeye was born.

As soon as we began selling Random Ribeye steaks, we realized how much customers loved them. They were able to grill expensive ribeye steak for dinner, at about 1/3 of the price. They were great for parties as well, because everyone usually wants a different size steak. Most customers really didn’t need steaks that were perfectly shaped; they just wanted a nice tasting/tender steak. So the product has done exceptionally well ever since.

Now, it’s important to remember that these steaks are not perfect. Some steaks in the case will be perfectly cut 6, 8 or even 10 ounce steaks.  Some will be very small and packed with another steak. This is the reason they are a fraction of the price of the same steaks being sold to restaurants. At the end of the day, it is the same exact meat and all of them are excellent on the grill. If you need a steak that is perfectly cut, we sell dozens of different shapes and sizes.