Halal Porterhouse and T-bone – Cut to Your Specifications

You can now purchase a Beef Shortloin from Blooms and we will cut it for you, free of charge. These are wet-aged, US Choice (or better), Grain-Fed, Nebraskan-bred/raised, Halal Beef Shortloins. This is one of the most tender and tasty steaks available. Shortloins are one half Striploin and one half Tenderloin, with a bone running through the middle.

When cut to about 1.25inches thick, you will get around 7 x Porterhouse Steaks, 7 x T-bone Steaks and about a pound of Face-cut T-bones. If you want thicker T-bones, just let us know. Each loin is cut to each customers specifications.

Once cut, we vacuum seal each steak individually. Use them when you like. It makes a great gift or group buy with friends.

Best of all, you save quite a bit of money buying the whole loin instead of individual steaks. Pay about 1/4 of the price you’d pay in a steakhouse.

Please call for current pricing.

Average weight of the loin is roughly 25lbs. Cut-up is free. Delivery is free.




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