Beef Culotte – Cap of Rump

Price Per Pound

Each pack contains 1 culotte. Each pack averages 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.

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This is a popular cut in Brazil and throughout South America. It is almost always sold at all Brazilian steak houses. A Blooms customer asked us to carry this item. Cap of Rump is cut from the Sirloin primal cut. USDA Choice. The image above is the roast cut into 3 pieces to be skewered. Our Culottes are sold in 2 lbs packs and can either be cut for the grill/skewer or roasted whole. This cut of steak is known for it’s flavor. With the proper cooking it can come out fairly tender. One side of this cut has a layer of fat that should be left on while cooking. Picanha is the cut/method of cooking this cut in Brazil.


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