Beef Short Ribs – 3/4 inch cut

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4 pound pack

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Our Beef Short Ribs have become a Bloom’s staple over the past few years. We start with US Choice Chuck Short Ribs and cut them to down to 3/4 inch thickness. This gives you 4 bones in your rib strip, surrounded by some of the most tender cut of beef. These can be marinated and thrown directly onto a grill or quickly braised. Regardless, they will come out very tender and have a very pronounced beef flavor due to the location of the cut.

Also, this is a must have for Korean Short Ribs. Add soy, honey, hoisin, ginger and garlic for an Asian flare.

If you would like these Short Ribs uncut, just let us know. Pack size will vary.

Cut Size

3/4 Inches, 2 Inches


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