Beef Random Ribeye

Price Per Pound

Each pack weighs around 5-6 pounds

Pack contains individually wrapped steaks

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For those of you who have never ordered our Random Ribeye product before, it is a USDA Choice Ribeye steak. The quality of steak is up there with the nicest of Ribeye Steaks. The reason it is priced so much lower than regular Ribeye steaks is because the size of the steak cuts will vary between vacuum packs.

Each 5-6 lb pack contains 8 or more individual vacuum packed steaks. Some are 6 oz steaks, with others may be a full 10 oz steak.

If you have a family/friends and prefer different sized steaks for different family member, or if you want to serve steak as cutters at a lime, this product is perfect.  You can come home, a pull a few out for dinner (like we do) and skip that agonizing wait in line at the grocery.


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