Pulled Pork – Smoked

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Our pulled pork has been seasoned slow-smoked over hickory wood for over 8 hours. This ensures that the fats breakdown and melt throughout the meat, naturally tenderizing the pork. The result is a product that falls apart when you press it with a fork or lift it up. Using real wood to smoke our Pork, we can produce that dark ‘bark’ that makes pulled pork….pulled pork. If you are eating BBQ’ed pork in Trinidad and you don’t see this dark bark, crunchy bits on the pork, it has most likely been ‘braised or boiled’ in the oven. After it has cooked, we drizzle our famous bbq on the pork and package it. So the product is 100% ready to eat. Some we freeze, and some is available fresh Friday through Sunday. To prepare, simply heat in a pan or in the oven. Pulled pork is best served on QUALITY roll or hops. It’s very important to find a bread that adds to the pork, rather than taking away from it. Hops that are crumbly with no substance will ruin your pulled pork sandwich. Thus far, we’ve found that Maria’s Bakery has the best hops and rolls for pulled pork sandwiches. Need pulled pork sandwiches for a function? Give us a shout. We do several functions throughout the year for customers wanting an affordable way to serve a dish that their guests will love. We often package in pick-up trays with hops and coleslaw OR we can have staff members cater your function on site. Minimums do apply.