Ribeye Bone-in – 16 ounce

Price Per Pound
1 Steak per Order
16 ounce steak

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Our famous Blooms Boneless Ribeye Steaks, just with the bone left on. These are individually packaged and 16 ounce per steak.

Leaving the bone produces more flavor and drops the cost a little bit. Prefer a boneless Halal Ribeye Steak, click here.

Each steak is individually vacuum packed and sealed, so you can select as many as you like and use them as you need.

These Ribeye Steaks are US Choice and properly wet-aged in the US, to give you an extremely tender and tasty Ribeye Steak. To learn more about the aging process of beef, check out our blog post by clicking here.

This product is certified Halal/Halaal by the Darul Uloom (http://www.darululoomtt.net/)


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