Tenderloin Sides

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A brand new product exclusively developed by Blooms!

In partnership with an exclusive purveyor of steaks in the US, we have developed what we like to call a Tenderloin Side. Cut from a US Choice Beef Tenderloin, this is a extremely tender cut of meat. This cut is from the same tenderloin that produces very expensive filet mignons. Because of it’s shape, it’s not included in the steak by the butcher. So, we have let it in a small loin form and packaged for a perfect cut for the grill.

This tenderloin cut is not perfect, there is a bit of fat on the cut. Some you can probably take off with a little trimming. When compared to it’s cousin the 8oz Filet at almost $200TT/LB, it’s well worth the extra fat. Our advice….toss it on the grill and cook it ‘burn burn’. You should get a nice crispy outside. Because of the tenderness of these meat, you can cook thoroughly and still maintain a tender bite

This is not a product that will be in stock all the time, like most of our other popular Ribeye and Tenderloin off-cut items, we take what we can get. So if it’s here, try one.

1 order is for 1 pack and each pack weight 2 pounds and contains 3 small sides.


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