Beef Back Ribs

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Average 3 pounds each rack

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Back ribs are fairly popular for barbecue. I suspect their popularity is because back ribs are popular pork cuts.

The ribeye steak is among the most expensive cuts of beef. It is a fabulous hunk of meat that is tender and juicy, and arguably the best steak on the cow. Ribeyes lie in the dorsal area, on top of rib bones near the spine, towards the front of the animal, just behind the shoulder.

Ribeyes and are often sold boneless which leaves the back rib bones available for sale separately. The bones usually are slightly curved, with little meat on top and a nice finger of meat between them. Why so little meat on top? Because it is so valuable the steaks are cut “to the quick” off the bone, leaving little meat behind. The bones often show through, and are called “shiners”. They usually come in sections of about seven bones.

If you want Beef Ribs with a little more meat, try some of our Chuck Short Ribs.

Back ribs are good for braising because the marrow is a stupendous source of flavor for stews. They are popular for barbecue, the meat being very high quality just not a lot of it compared to Chuck Short Ribs. Because of this, you save quite a bit of money with Back Ribs.