South, we are bringing hams to you this weekend!

Attention Sando and South customers!

You asked and we have listened. Blooms will be doing the first ever “Online Order Meat-up”, this Saturday, November 29th. The plan is to take online orders this week and drive down to San Fernando where you can pick them up. If you place your ham order via our website by Friday, November 28th, you can collect and pay for your ham in San Fernando the following day. Hopefully this will help save the drive to Diego Martin for many of our customers in South.

Our friends at Dream Lounge have been kind enough to offer us their stunning facility to set-up and hand out ham orders.

Dream Lounge Pick-up Picture

For those of you that haven’t been yet, Dream Lounge is an elegant restaurant that serves a wide-variety of great food.

They serve many Bloom’s products and Chef Allan knows what he’s doing when it comes to cooking them.

They are open from 8am for breakfast, Monday through Saturday, so get a Christmas ham and some killer breakfast in one shot. Or come a little later in the day and grab a beer on the patio.



Dream Lounge is located on Gulf View Link Road, between Gulf View Mall and San Fernando NAPA, in the same complex as Better Value and the Gulf View Industrial Estate.


Dream Lounge 

We will be in San Fernando from 10am until around 2pm and we will have freezers plugged in to keep your hams as cold as if you purchased them directly from Diego Martin. You can pay with Linx, Credit or Cash when you collect, not when you order. Please remember that you need to order your ham first, to take advantage of this free service.

So, a few things to do:

1. Place your ham order to reserve your ham and spot in the van.. For more info on our hams, check here.


2. Please spread the word to any friends/family you have in South. If this works, we are hoping this can evolve into a monthly or weekly run to help save a trip or two for South customers, which would be awesome!

3. Give Dream Lounge a call to book your holiday function or make a reservation for dinner. We are very thankful for helping us with the great spot. Here’s more info on booking Dream Lounge.

Hams have arrived!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas time! And that means hams (amongst other things of course).

Every year for the past 5 years, Blooms has brought in our traditional Spiral Ham. These hams have become a tradition for many households in Trinidad and it makes us very proud to say that. Keeping with tradition, we will be bringing in the same ham years past.

carando spiral

We did decide to change up “tradition” a slight bit, however. Normally, we ask that all of our customers pre-order their ham by emailing or calling. In the past, this helped us determine who wanted hams and how many they wanted. When the hams arrived, we would email our customers to let them know their hams have arrived. If you did not pre-order, we probably didn’t have a ham for you. 🙁

This system worked GREAT, until last year. We vastly underestimated the response we would get on the hams last year. We then realized that most people didn’t know about the pre-order and/or didn’t bother. When it came to collect, some people wanted more than they ordered and some wanted less. Our large fear every year is not having a ham for someone that ordered one. If we promise someone a ham, we have to make sure they receive one, even if that means turning away customers who wanted but never had the opportunity to pre-order. Needless to say, it was a lot of stress.

This year, we are simplifying things and just letting our customers know when the hams have arrived, instead of only selling hams to those that ordered. We hope that this will allow customers that want hams to avoid having to pre-order, wait and then collect. Instead, we will email the customers on our mailing list to let them know that the hams have arrived. Everyone can come and choose their exact hams and take what is needed. Once we let our regular customers have a chance to collect, we will then offer to the general public. This should give everyone a chance to come at their leisure, select their hams and purchase as many hams as they like.

In case you have never had a Blooms ham, here are the details:

These hams are spiral hams, meaning they are pre-cut to provide easier carving. The slices are not all the way through the ham, so it does not fall apart until you are ready to carve it. There is a very small bone in the center, which you run your knife along, allowing the slices to fall onto the plate. These hams are hickory smoked, cooked and frozen, so they only need to be defrosted and heated to serve. You can ‘crisp up’ the outside of your ham by turning your oven to broil for the last few minutes. The hams are very easy to prepare, and it is not a day long event. Included with each ham is a honey glaze packet, which can be used to create a ‘honey baked ham’ taste.

Here’s more info from the supplier, Carando.

Each ham is wrapped in a red Christmas foil and netted, so they make for very nice gift.

Each ham will weigh between 8 and 10 pounds.

The price for the first round of hams is $29.00TT per pound. We will probably need to ship in more hams closer to Christmas, and they are usually more expensive. So the price is subject to change. The best bet is to get early!

Because each ham has a different weight, they will vary in price according to size. In the store, each ham will have it’s specific price listed.

Want to know when the hams are here? (estimated, middle of November 2014) Make sure you are receiving our newsletter.

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The Christmas and Holiday season is upon us, so let the Blooms team be the first to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!