Help with Shrimp Sizes

The difference between large and jumbo shrimp depends entirely on where you buy them. The terms describing the size of shrimp like “small”, “medium”, “large” and “jumbo” are not regulated, and can vary. Especially when buying shrimp on the side of the road in Trinidad. The way to truly know the size of shrimp you are buying is by the number–called “count”–with which they are labeled.

shrimp sizes

The count gives you the number of shrimp you can expect to get in one pound. The fewer shrimp per pound, the larger and more expensive they are. If you only have 10 or 15 shrimp that make up a pound, those shrimp will need to be larger. Fewer shrimp in the pound, but they are larger.

Some of the standard sizes you’ll find are:

61-70, 51-60 Really small shrimp, often used for shrimp salad. Often labeled Tiny, Extra Small and Small. We sell these at shrimp pieces and they can be viewed here.

41-50 –  Labeled medium or medium large. I’d use these in pasta or mixed seafood dishes. Our 41/50 shrimp is commonly used by Roti Shops to make their Shrimp Curry. The size is bite sized and larger shrimp are not necessary. You can purchase these shrimp de-veined and cleaned by clicking here.

31-40 These are readily available, often labeled large, and my go-to size when budget is a consideration. Click here for more info.

21-25, 16-20 Often labeled jumbo, these are a great choice when shrimp, prepared with few other ingredients, are the main course. When serving grilled shrimp or simple sautéed shrimp for dinner, each diner might get 4-6 of these. This is our most commonly sold sized of Shrimp here at Blooms. You can purchase these by clicking here for 16/20 and here for 21/25.

10-15, usually 10 These are a treat; an indulgence as expensive as they are impressive looking. They may be referred to as colossal. You can purchase these shrimp here.

Now delivering to Chagaramas

We have quite a few customers that are visiting Trinidad via their sailboat, yacht or commercial vessel. Some are chefs for large merchant ships and others are just cruisers sailing through Trinidad. While we may not carry all of your supplies needed for the voyage out, we can certainly help you in the meat department. Most of our meats are USDA certified and individually packaged in small serving sizes, which are usually very important of cruisers and chefs.

Take your time and browse our selection online, place order order and we will deliver the products to the marina you are docked at. We can accept US dollars, TT dollars and credit cards.

The good news is that if you are one of these customers, we can now delivery directly to your boat (assuming you are docked!) No need to order online and book transport from your marina to Diego Martin. As long as your order surpasses our minimum outlined in the delivery information section, we will be happy to deliver it to your boat.



If you need ship chandler services for larger vessels, please contact us at, as we can forward you onto a company here in Trinidad that can help.