Shrimp – EZ Peel – 16/20

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2 lb Bag

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Easy Peel Shrimp is just what the name implies, shrimp that is easy to peel. An easy peel shrimp is a raw shell-on shrimp with a knife cut along the back of the shrimp from the 1st to 5th shell segments. During the processing of the shrimp, the large intestine is removed. These have the shell on, but it comes off quickly if you want it 100% cleaned. If your recipe calls for ‘shell on’ as with Pepper Shrimp, simply remove from bag and defrost. EZ peel shrimp is very versatile.

These shrimp are 16/20, which is Extra Jumbo. There are roughly 16 to 20 shrimp per pound.

Our shrimp comes in a 2lb bag and they are Individually Quick frozen, meaning you can take out 1 at a time. This way you only use what you need, rather than defrosting a lot of shrimp at once.


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