Organic Chicken

Price Per Pound

Each Whole Chicken Averages 3 to 4lbs each.

1 order is for 1 chicken.

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After an overwhelming amount of requests and inquiries asking for a ‘true’ USDA Organic chicken, we have finally found and are now distributing for a very nice chicken line, Bell and Evans. So, for those of you who have been begging for us to bring in an organic chicken, we apologize for the delay, but here we are!

A few things on our Organic Chicken:

– This is a real USDA Certified and Stamped Organic Chicken. We’ve noticed a few “organic” products for sale in Trinidad in our research, however, no official USDA stamp indicating where their organic chicken classification came from. In order for you to know you are buying a true Organic product, it must be certified with the USDA Organic Stamp. Unfortunately, anyone can say any chicken is organic. Unless it is certified there is no guarantee what you are buying it Certified Organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

– Yes, we know this product is expensive. Why is it so much? Because the way in which organic products are reared makes them very expensive to produce for reasons to numerous to mention. Organic chicken is in very high demand at this time, which drives up the price for any product. This is most certainly the case for the products from the few large scale organic chicken producers from the US. Also, Trinidad and Tobago imposes a 40% duty on all chicken imports, which makes this product even more expensive.

We understand this chicken may be too expensive for some people, which is why we have and always will carry a line of very nice hormone-free/minimally processed chicken products which we have been very happy with. These are all listed on our main page if you are interested.

– This is a Bell and Evans brand chicken and is one of the best organic chickens you can buy. This is the same product line carried by Whole Foods in the U.S. Please understand that this is not an ‘organic yard fowl’. Many of those chickens are years old, which equates to a tough and gamey cut of meat. These birds are even air-chilled after production not water-chilled, which means that the chicken retains zero ‘water’ weight after processing.


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