Chicken Wings – Antibiotic/Hormone Free

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Each pack weighs around 2 pounds

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These are a USDA Grade A wings. They are Antibiotic and Hormone Free.

Unlike many you will find, they do not have broken bones, bruised meat or dark brown skin. These are minimally processed, all-natural wings from young chickens. Give them a try and we are sure you will taste the difference. These tray packs that will way out to around 1.8 lbs each (about half of the size of the one in the picture).

We get a lot of good feedback on these wings. Everyone comments that they are so much meatier and plump, versus the local wings. Do you ever notice when you cook a ‘cheaper’ chicken, it shrinks when it is done cooking? Throwing a chicken on the grill you can see/hear the water hitting the flames. Local chicken may be cheaper, but a lot of that weight is actually water retention from processing or from the bone itself. Buy chicken wings for the chicken! Not for the bone and not for water.

USDA Product, Antibiotic Free and Hormone free.


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