Chicken Breasts – Blooms Premium


Each pack of chicken breast weighs 2 lbs.

These are chicken breasts from right here in T&T. Just as the USDA breasts, these are boneless, skinless and fat free.

Unfortunately, a lot of times local chicken could be much better if it was handled properly by retailers that sell it. Sometimes, chicken in the store has been sold as ”fresh” until it gets closer to it”s expiry date, at which point the unsold product is ”frozen” and put into another display freezer. This means that the frozen chicken could be previously fresh chicken that didn’t sell.

Our local chicken is fresh-frozen, meaning it is frozen immediately after it is packed. We buy only the highest quality of local chicken. We also work closely with our processor to ensure the cuts are done properly, rather than quickly. It also isn’t bruised or discolored.


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