Water Kefir

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Water Kefir
*Gluten Free

*Dairy Free


Triple filtered water, kefir grain cultures, lemon or apple juice, brown sugar & molasses.

What is Kefir?

Water kefir is a fermented beverage made with specific probiotic cultures of bacteria.

Why drink Kefir?

Kefir is drunk for its many health benefits as it aids the natural systems of the body (digestive, immune). Kefir may also help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

There are far more beneficial bacteria in kefir than other cultured products like yogurt or buttermilk.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria that help you keep a healthy gut and immune system

These good bacteria help us to digest our food, prevent allergies, boost our immune system, and overall keep our body healthy.

What is the advantage of taking Kefir instead of a probiotic supplement?

Fermented products such as kefir are considered functional foods because they offer enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calories/energy and billions of probiotics.

Probiotic pill supplements contain just one or a select variety of bacteria, which don’t always reach your gut in good form depending on manufacturing and transport conditions.

Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or freeze for 1-2 months

Seal tightly and do not shake when opening