Gift Certificates – “The Gift You Can Grill”


If you are like most people, you hate the idea of buying a gift that will eventually end up in your loved one’s closet or their next garage sale. Buying gifts for friends, co-workers and family is very hard these days, especially when most people have everything they really need. The holiday gift buying process usually causes some stress for most people.

We’d like to eliminate this stress by guaranteeing your gift will be easy to select, truly loved, a good value and not go to waste. We call it, “The Gift You Can Grill” and it’s a simple gift certificate to Blooms. We have done this program for the past 5 years and our customers love the convenience and the idea that their gift will go to good use. Several corporations choose our gift program year after year as it’s a much looked forward to bonus by their employees, suppliers and customers.

Recipients of your gift card can choose whatever Blooms items they like. A roast for christmas, a turkey, steaks, seafood, sauces or dips, the list goes on and on. We have hundreds of items in store to choose from and they can pick anything. Even our Smoked Spare Ribs on the weekends!

You can book a gift card by adding this to your cart right now or you can also come into the store to collect. We offer two versions which are shown below. Most customers pick-up our heavy stock gift card from the store to give as a present. If you prefer digital, we can send your loved one a digital gift card via email. This is great for those of you living outside of Trinidad.

Regardless, your recipient will receive a gift certificate number that can be applied to their next purchase. You can purchase a gift card in any amount you like above $100TT. Also, these gift certificates NEVER expire.

So, instead of lining at the store to buy a gift you HOPE someone will love this holiday season, get them a gift certificate to Blooms and hope you get the invite for the BBQ!

Happy Holidays from the Guys at Blooms!




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