We’ve been ‘bacon’ busy


Over the course of a few years, we’ve toyed around with making bacon from scratch. Bacon is created by curing (salting) pork, particularly pork belly. Pork belly is an amazing cut of pork that beautifully marries tender meat with very edible fat.

For anyone that has ever had ‘homemade’ or fresh bacon, you know it is ‘chalk and cheese’ to the store bought variety.

Commercially produced bacon has a series of additives used to turn the belly into bacon much faster. These are done to shorten the cure time and to do a lot of product at a time. Time = money, right? Without these added elements and preservatives, your bellies must remain in the cure for much longer. Normally, using these techniques bacon can be cured by one of the large manufacturers in less than a day. We let our pork bellies cure for over 10 days before smoking them! It is a labor of love.

In the creation of commercial bacon, the process rarely contains actual burning of wood to create a smoke flavor. Instead, for the sake of time/cost, liquid smoke flavor is added to give the pork that ‘hickory flavor’ associated with bacon. Our bacon is actually smoked using hickory wood to give it it’s smoke flavor. This is done after curing. We hot smoke our bacon to kill any pathogens that may be present. This also helps in reducing the amount of ingredients that must be used.

Ever noticed how most of the time when you cook a slice of bacon it starts out at one size and by the time you are finished, it ends up 1/3 of the size? Not with Blooms Bacon.We use less ingredients and cure naturally instead of mechanically pumping the product to rush the product. This means when you buy bacon, you are paying for bacon instead of ‘ingredients’ that will drain out when cooked.

And to top it all off, we cut our bacon THICK, the way it should be. We feel you should not be able to see through a piece of bacon!

Our first batch is ready this weekend. We’ve manage to keep the price just around the price-per-pound of your normal grocery store bacon. The packs of ‘premium’ commercial bacon are usually sold in 200g or 250g package, which can be a little misleading. That is less than 1/2 a pound for around $30TT a pack ($60TT per pound). Our bacon is right in line with your normal store bought would cost ($40TT a pound for this first batch). All else being equal, we think you will be presently surprised!